How to understand what the fish finder is showing on the screen

While reading the data displayed on the screen of your fish finder can be quite a complicated tasks, there are some simple measures you can take so that you ease your learning curve. Depending on the complexity of the device you own, you’re likely to see info regarding the water depth, the temperature, as well as the reading speed. The water depth is important because it will allow you to understand what types of fish you might be targeting. This info can be found either on the upper right or the left corner of the screen. The water temperature will also be displayed, and that’s mostly due to the fact that various species like warmer or colder environments.

One of the hardest things to do when using a fish finder is reading the fish ID. While these days there are portable fish finders that allow you to understand the information shown on the screen a whole lot better, with older color or grayscale models, it’s way more difficult to discern. Depending on the unit you might have available, fish IDs can show up as arches or as designated icons. If the product you own utilizes the fish ID technology, you’ll be able to look at the screen and immediately find out where your target is located. Usually, the device will also let you know about other ecosystem components such as rocks, plants, and the likes. Whenever a fish icon shows up on the display, all you have to do is look at the water depth and approximate the location of the fish just so that you’re able to cast as efficiently as possible. From what we’ve gathered on the topic, fish finders that are equipped with the fish ID technology seem to be less reliable and accurate when compared to their arch counterparts.

By contrast, arch fish finders may raise a lot of technical difficulties to first-time users, but their signal seems to be more precise when compared to the one provided by the previously discussed alternative. If you have a rather basic model, you’ll probably be able to see data regarding plants and rocks, as well, but most of these will be reflected as lines instead of arches, as they’re considered stationary items. While using such a model may take a bit of time and effort, in the end it is well worth the while as you’ll be able to learn to discern between the species and sizes of fish you’ll encounter during your trip. A crucial detail to keep in mind at all times is that you ought to have enough patience to learn the works of the device you’ve purchased. In theory, all fish finders are easy to operate, but once you get your hands on an arch fish finder, you’ll see that it’s not a piece of cake.

The Ebara Optima-3AS1 Pro-Drainer doesn’t live up to expectations

After my neighbor’s basement got flooded last year, my wife and I started thinking about getting a sump pump. From what I gathered from reading various articles online, there have been people whose cellars were also affected by excess humidity and other water-related issues when their neighbor’s basement became a victim of seasonal flooding. We started by going online and looking for the best sump pump for the money, and quickly enough, we realized we had two options. We either picked a submersible or a pedestal kind. Each one of these has both advantages and disadvantages, so eventually, we set our eyes on the Ebara Optima-3AS1 Pro-Drainer.

The first thing that we found interesting about this sump pump was the fact that it had received mostly favorable reviews. Aside from one Amazon customer who said that the first model he bought from the same brand lasted for ten years and the second lasted for just four, I couldn’t find any negative opinion regarding the performance or build of this unit. As you can imagine, we thought this pump was worthy of our attention and money since many consider it the best sump pump of 2017. I had no intention of spending more than three hundred dollars on a water pump, so this one seemed to offer enough value for the price. I was actually impressed by the construction since it is made of many stainless steel parts and as such, it’s said to be impervious to corrosion.

I ordered the model from Amazon and got it delivered at our home four days later. One thing I have to say about the packaging is that it didn’t necessarily blow me away. Sure, all the components were wrapped up neatly, but I believe the manufacturing brand could have done a better job. I found a scratch on the side of the pump but it never occurred to me that it would be at the root of our problems.

I have to be honest and say that I called one of my uncles who has a bit of experience with water pumps in general, and he was the one who installed the product. Mind you, the man knew what he was doing, so I didn’t resort to the cheapest method of setting the unit up. Once everything was ready, all we had to do was wait for the weather to go haywards so that we see if the Ebara Optima-3AS1 Pro-Drainer lives up to its claims or not. One night, I woke up because of the horrendous noise that was coming from my basement. You have to try to put yourself in my shoes for a second. We have two 6-month twins so my intention was not to get a sump pump that would wake them up. I went downstairs and had the nasty surprise of realizing that there was water dripping from all over the place, including the pump. The scratched spot that I noticed when the unit got delivered had already been covered in some kind of mold and rust.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to go through a lot of trouble as I instantly called customer support and decided to return the pump. While I didn’t have a lot of luck with the service offered by the brand per se, the one provided by Amazon was spectacular as I immediately received a refund and was able to order another pump. I’m not saying that this is a piece of junk that I won’t ever recommend to anyone whose basement is prone to flooding. I’m strictly discussing my point of view and what happened at my house.

In the end, we decided to go for the Wayne CDU980E and all I can say is that I have no complaints whatsoever. It works great and doesn’t even make that much noise as it lets us sleep at night without worrying about anything.

How do you handle bad weather when fishing in the middle of nowhere?

Outdoor trips are always conditioned by rough weather and fishing ones even more. Though on a light rain you might have more chances at catching fish, as they are drawn towards the surface, you wouldn’t like being caught out during a rough storm. However, anything can be handled if you have the right equipment with you. Though I mostly practice surf fishing, I always include a lifejacket in my gear, as well as waterproof pieces of clothing. I keep my gear light especially when I go in places where I need to leave my car at a certain distance from the fishing place, to make sure I can pack it rapidly and that I can carry it with ease until I reach the safe space of my car.

Even so, going fishing on bad weather poses certain risks for fishermen. The best way to prevent accidents from happening is to own a quality emergency weather alert radio that is able to keep you in touch with significant weather changes happening in your area. That is possible due to the fact that these radios are not regular radios, they intercept NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather alerts using SAME codes that are specific for each county and you can find online. This way, when a weather alerts is transmitted, you can use the emergency radio to receive it. Therefore, if a storm is likely to happen, you will be announced in good time and thus find shelter before the storm arrives. In addition, the alert offers input on the estimated duration of the natural hazard, the regions affected and its severity, so you’ll know with precision if it’s safe to hop in your car and drive or find a safe place nearby. Besides, weather radios can double as normal radios as well and they are fitted with long-lasting batteries, so you can keep yourself entertained while waiting for the fish to bite.

Hot Tools foot spa review

The decision to acquire a foot spa machine for my personal use didn’t come unexpectedly. I was for a long time an avid client of foot spas. That was until I realized I can prepare most of the treatments they applied there by myself, in my own apartment, and save money while doing so.

My honest opinion is that there are a small number of products on the market that can dutifully satisfy all your needs. For this reason, I had chosen to thoroughly research the market offer, before settling on a product. From the beginning, I decided to go for a simple one: just the basic massage functions and a large enough space to fit my feet in it comfortably. I’ve been through a number of reviews, both expert and amateur and, even if in the end I had a quite long list of products that fitted my needs and expectations, I’ve determined after careful reflection that the Hot Tools model was the best for me. There are a few reasons that determined my final choice.

Firstly, this product was simple and was positively reviewed by users and experts altogether. Most people have reported increased satisfaction after using it and experts rated it 5 stars most of the times. When you take a closer look at the product’s functions, you can easily see why. This foot spa machine includes four main functions: it heats the water you put in and maintains it at a comfortable temperature during the bath, it has two perfectly functional massage rollers that make an awesome job at relaxing your feet after a tiring day, it vibrates and relaxes your feet using water jets and it includes a pedicure set with 3 attachments, that will come in handy if you don’t have them at home or if your pedicure set got old. The good part is that you can alternate between these functions, so you don’t have to use them all at once. However, the options provided by the product, even though simple, work perfectly, which, from what I’ve read, doesn’t happen in all cases. It’s definitely a top foot spa.

As I am into perfumed foot baths and key bath improving ingredients, I was thrilled with the aromatherapy dispenser that I can use to add fragrance or to gain more benefits from my spa. If you know how to combine the right substances, you can double the effects the spa has on your tissues and you can also escape foot problems such as cracked heels for long periods of time. Especially in the summer, when you wear sandals and you go to the beach, your feet will need to be extra cared for, so you must combine the optimal substance mix to obtain the best results.

The product is fitted with a splashguard to prevent water from spilling on the floor. The splashguard has two surfaces on which you can rest your feet, just in case the water is too hot and you don’t want to place your wet feet on the cold floor. I believe it is a great product that also comes with a satisfying price.

You are looking for a modern RV GPS unit for your brand new RV

I just bought a new RV. I’ve been considering for many years now, because the wife and the kids like adventures in their way and they have been in my hair for a while now about the places we could visit. Just think of the convenience of owning such a vehicle. My wife and I can finally enjoy the sun we’ve always wanted to get during summer months, while allowing children have their own share of fun, building castles of sands and interacting with the other kids at camp.

After buying my new motorhome, I soon reached the conclusion that I was going to need an RV GPS. I found it very hard to sift through all the models that are available today and see whether they speak to both my needs and the ones of my family. Probably the best part of my research was when I found this great site,, which pretty much contains all the info I need. I was able to go through detailed reviews of some of the most popular units out there and read why they’ve become so acclaimed over the years. What’s more, I was finally able to consult a buying guide that let me decide what I was really looking for in an RV GPS. Although I wasn’t aware of this, these devices are very different from the ones your or me might want to use while hiking or biking. They manage to combine the perks of a standard navigational system of which the complexity depends on the chosen model with the data every RV driver needs at any given point.

For instance, my family and I love socializing and everyone knows that’s a major part of an RV experience. Routes are made and unmade every day as most people, including myself, will eventually experience changes along the road. Maybe someone needs to go to the bathroom really quickly, or perhaps someone else would like to experience the local foods. Nothing beats an RV GPS from this point of view, as it virtually tells me all I have to know about the areas I’m traveling in. Points of interest, diners, campsites, parking spots, you name it, an RV GPS has it.

I gather that the people at use an algorithm and human researchers to offer accurate info about all the products they recommend. In the end, it’s just a matter of choosing between Garmin, Magellan, and Rand McNally as I’ve come to know that these three brands make the absolute best RV GPS units money can buy. You’ve probably guessed it by now. I’m recommending the website because it helped me learn so much about navigation devices.

A nice present idea for your kids – a rod and reel combo

How many of us feel overcome by our children habits and lifestyle? If you’re not a hip parent who manages to keep up with the youngsters, times like birthdays, holidays, and even family vacations can become a motive for feeling as if you don’t really understand your kids or there is a barrier that stops you from enjoying the time spent together.

You shouldn’t worry. There is a reason why some games and sports have endured for so long in human activity: it is because deep down we are all similar, and many things speak to us and attract us no matter how old we are or how we decide to spend our life.

Luckily, today’s sports gear industry has thought about helping people share their passions and interests with all the members of the family. If you like to go camping, you can find sleeping bags made specially for children, just like if you wish to take your son or daughter fishing, you can buy fishing tackle that is lighter and easier to use and that will your children experience the excitement and pride of winning a fight with a big fish.

A great combination of rod and reel that we found is the Plusinno ™ Spin Kit, which combines a graphite and fiberglass composite rod and an instant anti-reverse spinning reel with a perfect 5.2:1 ratio, that shouldn’t pose any problems for a young angler.

The rod is also telescopic, so it will be easy for your child to carry it around and to store it in his own closet, while the EVA foam gives the handle a firm and comfortable grip even for a small hand.

Aside from its child-friendly construction, this is one of the most durable and sturdy rod and reel combo designs. The Carbon fiber and fiberglass rod, the deep aluminum spool, and the stainless steel hooded reel seats speak for the seriousness of the manufacturer and combine to form a strong, long-life fishing tackle that won’t break in the middle of a catch and that will not become a subject to corrosion or other type of deterioration anytime soon after its purchase.

Of course, if your children are very small or less handy in general, you might want to consider a spincast rod and reel, as it is recommended for first-timers and advertised as the simplest to use. The truth is, though, that spinning reels weren’t made for a special category of people, and while they might take a little while longer to learn, they respond with a better quality fishing experience and increased chances of going home with a full bag. So if you’re the type of person who wants to have fun with his/her children and give them a confidence boost by letting them use grown-up gear, you will probably appreciate all that the Plusinno Spin Kit has to offer.

We love my Smittybilt 2738

I have to admit that I was never an enthusiastic camper, at least until recently. I’m not saying that I didn’t like to go camping, it’s just that I was never too disappointed if the trip was suddenly cancelled. Sleeping on the ground where who knows what could crawl into my sleeping bag is enough to give me nightmares, and even the best tent for trucks can’t make the bumpy, hard floor of a jeep feel comfortable. All of that changed when I got the Smittybilt 2738, and now I’m the one organizing all of the camping trips.

If you are like me then the thought of sleeping with whatever else is on the ground is enough to ensure that you lay awake all night. This, in my opinion does not make for a fun or relaxing camping trip. Now that I have this awesome roof top tent I have the freedom to camp almost anywhere I want without having to sleep on the ground or the back of my jeep. I should mention right away that you will need a ladder to get in and out of this tent, which also means you need to have plenty of cargo space.


This tent comes with vertical walls so there is plenty of space inside, which is also an advantage for anyone that is the least bit claustrophobic. This also ensures that you can store everything you need for the night in the tent, instead of trying to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night. You will also appreciate the mesh windows that allow plenty of fresh air to flow through, along with providing you with a great view of the night sky.


What really sold me on this tent is how easy it is to put up. I am one of those people who think that camping should be relatively easy. The aluminum poles are incredibly simply to set in place, and since the tent roof is already attached there is one less step to follow. The durable polyester material is resistant to rips and tears, and since it is also waterproof you can even stay dry without having to huddle inside your vehicle.

Thanks to the Smittybilt 2738 roof top tent I am well on my way to becoming an “experienced” camper. I can enjoy all of the advantages of “ being out under the stars”, without worrying about what might be trying to share my sleeping bag with me. If you are adamant that you will never enjoy camping then you have never tried it with this great roof top tent.



What’s the Deal with Undetectable Radar Detectors?

There is a veritable technological warfare out there between radar detector owners and the police. In the states where radar detectors are banned, the police are counterattacking by getting radar detector detectors that, as the name indicates, have as their main role to detect the presence of radar detectors inside a vehicle. As a result, manufacturers have started to come up with new ideas on the design of their gadgets. Now, there are some models that are marketed as undetectable radar detectors.

How undetectable are they really? This is a totally legit question, but, unfortunately, not one with a straightforward answer. Although there are companies that make pretty good radar detectors, by my knowledge, the police are not losing time, either. This means that every new model of undetectable radar detector drags after it an upgrade in the technology used by the police. So, unless you buy a brand new model, you may not be able to count on its ability to remain stealth when there is an RDD (radar detector detector) nearby. Buying an older model can totally compromise you and you may get a fine if you have one of these in a state where radar detectors are illegal.


Still, this is not a warranty that what you get is totally undetectable. A new model is many times too new to have reviews from users or to have been tested enough. Basically, it is difficult to vouch that you can count on one of these to help you with your speeding. If you are discovered by the police, things will not look nice and you may have to pay quite a hefty fine for having it installed inside the car.


So, it may not be the greatest idea to use a radar detector in a state where this type of gadget is illegal, as it may put you at odds with the police. I honestly think that you should focus more on getting a radar detector that works than on getting one that is supposedly undetectable. Here are some important points to keep in mind when you are shopping for a radar detector.

First, consult the legislation in your state to see if there are no issues with using one of these here. Second of all, check the available models on the market. There are plenty of them and you will surely find one that is exactly to your liking. Another recommendation is to stick to the brands that have already gathered plenty of popularity with car drivers because their products have been used on many occasions with great success. Do not forget that undetectable radar detectors may get you into trouble, whether because they may not be able to work as intended, or because the police are already up to date and capable of counter-attacking the technology employed on these devices.





How do you get rid of pet hair easily?



I’ve always been surrounded by animals and always wanted to have pets as a grown-up, so I’ve decided to get myself a dog. However, through some unexpected circumstances I ended up having 5 instead of just one. Now I live surrounded by my lovely pets: Akira, Stephen, Cosmo, Sheila and Billy. In the beginning, the pet hair around the house was not noticeable, but, as they grew, it became a major problem .The idea of acquiring an electric broom came to me while visiting some friends. They  had an older cordless model and they used it for less challenging tasks. They were the ones who told me I could find products for sale that might be able to tackle my dog hair problem. I began the search for a more reliable product that had increased sweeping power than the one they possessed.



This way, I’ve discovered that I can acquire electric brooms designed with the sole purpose of sweeping your house clean of pet hair and decided to put my faith in one. I didn’t go for a cordless option, because from what I’ve understood, it doesn’t provide the same power as the corded model. Even so, I have enough freedom of movement  to sweep my rooms relaxed and at my own pace since I don’t have to worry about the battery. Though I didn’t expect such a small instrument to perform miracles, I have to say I was quite surprised by its suction power and ability to pick up pet hair. It really got rid of it, and quite easily.


In addition, the machine has a handheld tool integrated, that you can use on upholstered furniture as well, and that  fits in small spaces, so it deals with strands of hair that somehow got in between the cushions of your armchairs and couch. The great part about this item is that you can easily dispose of the garbage. While you are sweeping, the mess gathers in a plastic recipient positioned on the broom stick, which is quite large for the product’s dimensions and that you can easily detach and empty – a blessing compared to vacuum cleaners. And, even if I use it quite often, it doesn’t show signs of malfunctioning or providing less sweeping power.

I am still quite excited to work with it, because I can honestly notice a difference in the way the fabrics and textures of my pillows and carpets change after using it. A major bonus is that it takes my mind off the hair problem, thus I have a better relation with my dogs since I do not constantly ask them to get off the couch. Now they can sit wherever they please, because I found the solution to keep the house clean.



My “review” of the WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press


Unboxing the WEN 4208 gave me the feeling of uncompromised drilling power in a tool built exactly the way I want. Being a bargain hunter, I was impressed with the incredible price my new drill press came at. At less than $100, I was able to acquire a premium unit built for power and performance. Small but powerful enough to drill through various kinds of materials, the WEN 4208 offers everything I want to expand my creativity in my workshop. I used to have a drill press a while back but we kind of parted ways when I had to move down south and it was time to get another one. I felt that to be able to handle projects that were floating in the back of my head, it was time to get a new machine. I did plenty of research before this purchase because I wanted something that is not going to take up a lot space and is still engineered to serve the purpose of what I want it to do.


This model is a great find. It only took about five days to get shipped to me. When I cracked the package open, the components were all nicely packed in a slightly smaller inner box enclosed in a relatively larger outer box. On top of the package was the operator’s manual and the guide plate that you set everything on, which is made of genuine cast iron. The base plate was also there, and all those components were stuffed and sealed in thick plastic and placed in styrofoam with compartments for division. They all feel really heavy duty. Nothing got damaged because of the neat packaging. Underneath those are all the other heavy components, also securely packaged and individually wrapped. Once I had taken everything out of the box, all that was left was to put them together.


Everything in the assembly instructions were pretty straightforward so putting the machine together was a breeze. The machine allows me to adjust to five different speeds between 620 and 3100 RPM to perfectly complement any workpiece. The drill press glides through wood like a soldering iron through butter, simply beautiful! The adjustable worktable changes both angles right and left. The drill press handles drilling through an inch of pure cast iron easily. Changing the speed is easy. With the unit unplugged, you simply loosen the knob for the belt tension, pull the loosened belt to the desired level (there’s a guide to help you see which level is which) while rotating the stepped pulleys, and then secure the motor and tighten the belt using the same knobs and latch used for loosening.

This drill press drills through wood, metal, plastics and other materials easily. It cuts repeatable holes with fantastic accuracy and is the perfect size for my small workshop. The rigid frame and powerful induction motor with ball bearings ensure years of use. The ½ inch chuck accommodates a variety of bits. The slotted table lots me mount vises and clamps to hold the stock. I know this new power tool will allow me to work on many projects for a long time to come.



Quesadilla maker cleaning tips I’ve learnt from my grandmother


I love my electric quesadilla maker. It serves up fantastic golden brown quesadillas that I can enjoy in 4 to 5 minutes easy. Beats having to microwave TV dinners while enjoying fresh ingredients that I can cook in a snap. My trusty quesadilla maker has been through a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean it! Sometimes, I feel so tired that I forget to give the quesadilla maker a simple wipe on its cooking surfaces. That is why I got my quesadilla maker in the first place: it indulges my craving for authentic Mexican food without really entailing too much work to use.

Ordinarily, I just take a damp paper towel and wipe away all the food debris and dirt from the cooking surfaces. Most times, this works but there are times when the cheese melts kind of hard onto the surface that wiping with a damp paper towel won’t do. During such instances, it can be easy to give in to the temptation to use an abrasive cleaner or steel wool to clean off the goo, but fortunately, I have been able to resist that urge. The nonstick cooking surface of my quesadilla maker is not made for such rough treatment, after all.

My quesadilla maker flattens and cuts the quesadilla into six neat slices automatically, so you can imagine the kind of punishment it takes from all the grease, fat, oozing cheese and vegetable juices that can get into the grooves and crannies. Those grooves and crannies are what makes the appliance really challenging to clean. Getting the little bits of cheese and food out of those sections is a huge problem. I have tried many sponges, different sprays and soaps and have been through many rolls of paper towels. The fact that the quesadilla maker is an electric appliance means throwing it in the dishwasher is not an option.

It was my grandmother that taught me how to clean my quesadilla maker after one of her visits. She clucked after seeing my filthy machine, and proceeded to place the unit on a dish towel, which she said would keep the water from making a mess on the countertop. Next, she heated the unit up and when it was hot enough, she unplugged it. She placed two wet paper towels in the unit, closed it and let it sit for a few minutes. When steam started to come out, she opened the unit and poured a small amount of water on the paper towels so they are wet again. She then closed the lid again and waited a few more minutes. Then, she took my soft old toothbrush and scrubbed the grooves and crevices gently. The stuck-on goo came off quite easily after that. Grandma advised that I repeat the job if the goo is really stubborn. Now, I feel confident that one of the best quesadilla makers is going to serve me up many more quick and easy dinners for many nights down the road.

My new yogurt maker


Healthy and delicious, yogurt is great as a quick meal or even just a snack. It is easy to purchase yogurt in a variety of flavors and types at the supermarket, but I am an avid DIYer who has seen the many benefits of making my own yogurt at home. For one, I can control what ingredients go into my yogurt. This enables me to come up with a variety of unique flavors that I can make healthier compared to store-bought products.

I choose nonfat or reduced fat milk as well as healthier alternative sweeteners, and none of the preservatives and additives that come in the store-bought yogurt variety. Moreover, aside from homemade yogurt being a healthier option, it is also incredibly less costly. Buying fresh ingredients adds up to less cost than what I need to shell out for commercial yogurt at stores.

With this in mind, I was thankful to have gotten a new yogurt maker with all of the features that any first-time and seasoned homemade yogurt producer will truly love. Although just a simple heating device, a yogurt maker is able to warm up the yogurt slowly while cooking. Making just one batch will take up to ten hours at least, but that still means more yogurt than I can consume in a week. The time-consuming process is well worth it, after all.

My yogurt maker came with seven 6-ounce glass containers with lids that enable me to make up to seven different yogurt flavors simultaneously. There’s a convenient on/ off switch and light that tells me the unit is doing its job. The glass jars that came with the unit are easy to clean, as they are dishwasher safe so I won’t have to scrub and wash them clean by hand. The machine has a convenient digital timer on its side that notifies me of the time when the yogurt is done cooking. It allows me to do other things in the kitchen or just to sleep after preparing an entire batch for overnight cooking.

Making my own yogurt is now fuss-free and easy. The yogurt maker even has an automatic shutoff function so when I leave it to cook the yogurt overnight, I don’t have to wake myself with an alarm clock to switch it off.

The single-serving glass containers can be placed in the fridge for storage straight from the maker. The controls on the yogurt maker are adjustable so I can select the setting i want for the fermentation time according to the yogurt recipe I want to follow. The yogurt maker easily wipes clean so I won’t even have to do intensive cleaning after using the machine. With this exceptional yogurt maker, I can enjoy fresh, frozen or Greek yogurt anytime for healthy living. This website offers more info on yogurt makers.