A nice present idea for your kids – a rod and reel combo

How many of us feel overcome by our children habits and lifestyle? If you’re not a hip parent who manages to keep up with the youngsters, times like birthdays, holidays, and even family vacations can become a motive for feeling as if you don’t really understand your kids or there is a barrier that stops you from enjoying the time spent together.

You shouldn’t worry. There is a reason why some games and sports have endured for so long in human activity: it is because deep down we are all similar, and many things speak to us and attract us no matter how old we are or how we decide to spend our life.

Luckily, today’s sports gear industry has thought about helping people share their passions and interests with all the members of the family. If you like to go camping, you can find sleeping bags made specially for children, just like if you wish to take your son or daughter fishing, you can buy fishing tackle that is lighter and easier to use and that will your children experience the excitement and pride of winning a fight with a big fish.

A great combination of rod and reel that we found is the Plusinno ™ Spin Kit, which combines a graphite and fiberglass composite rod and an instant anti-reverse spinning reel with a perfect 5.2:1 ratio, that shouldn’t pose any problems for a young angler.

The rod is also telescopic, so it will be easy for your child to carry it around and to store it in his own closet, while the EVA foam gives the handle a firm and comfortable grip even for a small hand.

Aside from its child-friendly construction, this is one of the most durable and sturdy rod and reel combo designs. The Carbon fiber and fiberglass rod, the deep aluminum spool, and the stainless steel hooded reel seats speak for the seriousness of the manufacturer and combine to form a strong, long-life fishing tackle that won’t break in the middle of a catch and that will not become a subject to corrosion or other type of deterioration anytime soon after its purchase.

Of course, if your children are very small or less handy in general, you might want to consider a spincast rod and reel, as it is recommended for first-timers and advertised as the simplest to use. The truth is, though, that spinning reels weren’t made for a special category of people, and while they might take a little while longer to learn, they respond with a better quality fishing experience and increased chances of going home with a full bag. So if you’re the type of person who wants to have fun with his/her children and give them a confidence boost by letting them use grown-up gear, you will probably appreciate all that the Plusinno Spin Kit has to offer.