How do you get rid of pet hair easily?



I’ve always been surrounded by animals and always wanted to have pets as a grown-up, so I’ve decided to get myself a dog. However, through some unexpected circumstances I ended up having 5 instead of just one. Now I live surrounded by my lovely pets: Akira, Stephen, Cosmo, Sheila and Billy. In the beginning, the pet hair around the house was not noticeable, but, as they grew, it became a major problem .The idea of acquiring an electric broom came to me while visiting some friends. They  had an older cordless model and they used it for less challenging tasks. They were the ones who told me I could find products for sale that might be able to tackle my dog hair problem. I began the search for a more reliable product that had increased sweeping power than the one they possessed.



This way, I’ve discovered that I can acquire electric brooms designed with the sole purpose of sweeping your house clean of pet hair and decided to put my faith in one. I didn’t go for a cordless option, because from what I’ve understood, it doesn’t provide the same power as the corded model. Even so, I have enough freedom of movement  to sweep my rooms relaxed and at my own pace since I don’t have to worry about the battery. Though I didn’t expect such a small instrument to perform miracles, I have to say I was quite surprised by its suction power and ability to pick up pet hair. It really got rid of it, and quite easily.


In addition, the machine has a handheld tool integrated, that you can use on upholstered furniture as well, and that  fits in small spaces, so it deals with strands of hair that somehow got in between the cushions of your armchairs and couch. The great part about this item is that you can easily dispose of the garbage. While you are sweeping, the mess gathers in a plastic recipient positioned on the broom stick, which is quite large for the product’s dimensions and that you can easily detach and empty – a blessing compared to vacuum cleaners. And, even if I use it quite often, it doesn’t show signs of malfunctioning or providing less sweeping power.

I am still quite excited to work with it, because I can honestly notice a difference in the way the fabrics and textures of my pillows and carpets change after using it. A major bonus is that it takes my mind off the hair problem, thus I have a better relation with my dogs since I do not constantly ask them to get off the couch. Now they can sit wherever they please, because I found the solution to keep the house clean.