How do you handle bad weather when fishing in the middle of nowhere?

Outdoor trips are always conditioned by rough weather and fishing ones even more. Though on a light rain you might have more chances at catching fish, as they are drawn towards the surface, you wouldn’t like being caught out during a rough storm. However, anything can be handled if you have the right equipment with you. Though I mostly practice surf fishing, I always include a lifejacket in my gear, as well as waterproof pieces of clothing. I keep my gear light especially when I go in places where I need to leave my car at a certain distance from the fishing place, to make sure I can pack it rapidly and that I can carry it with ease until I reach the safe space of my car.

Even so, going fishing on bad weather poses certain risks for fishermen. The best way to prevent accidents from happening is to own a quality emergency weather alert radio that is able to keep you in touch with significant weather changes happening in your area. That is possible due to the fact that these radios are not regular radios, they intercept NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather alerts using SAME codes that are specific for each county and you can find online. This way, when a weather alerts is transmitted, you can use the emergency radio to receive it. Therefore, if a storm is likely to happen, you will be announced in good time and thus find shelter before the storm arrives. In addition, the alert offers input on the estimated duration of the natural hazard, the regions affected and its severity, so you’ll know with precision if it’s safe to hop in your car and drive or find a safe place nearby. Besides, weather radios can double as normal radios as well and they are fitted with long-lasting batteries, so you can keep yourself entertained while waiting for the fish to bite.