My new yogurt maker


Healthy and delicious, yogurt is great as a quick meal or even just a snack. It is easy to purchase yogurt in a variety of flavors and types at the supermarket, but I am an avid DIYer who has seen the many benefits of making my own yogurt at home. For one, I can control what ingredients go into my yogurt. This enables me to come up with a variety of unique flavors that I can make healthier compared to store-bought products.

I choose nonfat or reduced fat milk as well as healthier alternative sweeteners, and none of the preservatives and additives that come in the store-bought yogurt variety. Moreover, aside from homemade yogurt being a healthier option, it is also incredibly less costly. Buying fresh ingredients adds up to less cost than what I need to shell out for commercial yogurt at stores.

With this in mind, I was thankful to have gotten a new yogurt maker with all of the features that any first-time and seasoned homemade yogurt producer will truly love. Although just a simple heating device, a yogurt maker is able to warm up the yogurt slowly while cooking. Making just one batch will take up to ten hours at least, but that still means more yogurt than I can consume in a week. The time-consuming process is well worth it, after all.

My yogurt maker came with seven 6-ounce glass containers with lids that enable me to make up to seven different yogurt flavors simultaneously. There’s a convenient on/ off switch and light that tells me the unit is doing its job. The glass jars that came with the unit are easy to clean, as they are dishwasher safe so I won’t have to scrub and wash them clean by hand. The machine has a convenient digital timer on its side that notifies me of the time when the yogurt is done cooking. It allows me to do other things in the kitchen or just to sleep after preparing an entire batch for overnight cooking.

Making my own yogurt is now fuss-free and easy. The yogurt maker even has an automatic shutoff function so when I leave it to cook the yogurt overnight, I don’t have to wake myself with an alarm clock to switch it off.

The single-serving glass containers can be placed in the fridge for storage straight from the maker. The controls on the yogurt maker are adjustable so I can select the setting i want for the fermentation time according to the yogurt recipe I want to follow. The yogurt maker easily wipes clean so I won’t even have to do intensive cleaning after using the machine. With this exceptional yogurt maker, I can enjoy fresh, frozen or Greek yogurt anytime for healthy living. This website offers more info on yogurt makers.