My “review” of the WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press


Unboxing the WEN 4208 gave me the feeling of uncompromised drilling power in a tool built exactly the way I want. Being a bargain hunter, I was impressed with the incredible price my new drill press came at. At less than $100, I was able to acquire a premium unit built for power and performance. Small but powerful enough to drill through various kinds of materials, the WEN 4208 offers everything I want to expand my creativity in my workshop. I used to have a drill press a while back but we kind of parted ways when I had to move down south and it was time to get another one. I felt that to be able to handle projects that were floating in the back of my head, it was time to get a new machine. I did plenty of research before this purchase because I wanted something that is not going to take up a lot space and is still engineered to serve the purpose of what I want it to do.


This model is a great find. It only took about five days to get shipped to me. When I cracked the package open, the components were all nicely packed in a slightly smaller inner box enclosed in a relatively larger outer box. On top of the package was the operator’s manual and the guide plate that you set everything on, which is made of genuine cast iron. The base plate was also there, and all those components were stuffed and sealed in thick plastic and placed in styrofoam with compartments for division. They all feel really heavy duty. Nothing got damaged because of the neat packaging. Underneath those are all the other heavy components, also securely packaged and individually wrapped. Once I had taken everything out of the box, all that was left was to put them together.


Everything in the assembly instructions were pretty straightforward so putting the machine together was a breeze. The machine allows me to adjust to five different speeds between 620 and 3100 RPM to perfectly complement any workpiece. The drill press glides through wood like a soldering iron through butter, simply beautiful! The adjustable worktable changes both angles right and left. The drill press handles drilling through an inch of pure cast iron easily. Changing the speed is easy. With the unit unplugged, you simply loosen the knob for the belt tension, pull the loosened belt to the desired level (there’s a guide to help you see which level is which) while rotating the stepped pulleys, and then secure the motor and tighten the belt using the same knobs and latch used for loosening.

This drill press drills through wood, metal, plastics and other materials easily. It cuts repeatable holes with fantastic accuracy and is the perfect size for my small workshop. The rigid frame and powerful induction motor with ball bearings ensure years of use. The ½ inch chuck accommodates a variety of bits. The slotted table lots me mount vises and clamps to hold the stock. I know this new power tool will allow me to work on many projects for a long time to come.