We love my Smittybilt 2738

I have to admit that I was never an enthusiastic camper, at least until recently. I’m not saying that I didn’t like to go camping, it’s just that I was never too disappointed if the trip was suddenly cancelled. Sleeping on the ground where who knows what could crawl into my sleeping bag is enough to give me nightmares, and even the best tent for trucks can’t make the bumpy, hard floor of a jeep feel comfortable. All of that changed when I got the Smittybilt 2738, and now I’m the one organizing all of the camping trips.

If you are like me then the thought of sleeping with whatever else is on the ground is enough to ensure that you lay awake all night. This, in my opinion does not make for a fun or relaxing camping trip. Now that I have this awesome roof top tent I have the freedom to camp almost anywhere I want without having to sleep on the ground or the back of my jeep. I should mention right away that you will need a ladder to get in and out of this tent, which also means you need to have plenty of cargo space.


This tent comes with vertical walls so there is plenty of space inside, which is also an advantage for anyone that is the least bit claustrophobic. This also ensures that you can store everything you need for the night in the tent, instead of trying to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night. You will also appreciate the mesh windows that allow plenty of fresh air to flow through, along with providing you with a great view of the night sky.


What really sold me on this tent is how easy it is to put up. I am one of those people who think that camping should be relatively easy. The aluminum poles are incredibly simply to set in place, and since the tent roof is already attached there is one less step to follow. The durable polyester material is resistant to rips and tears, and since it is also waterproof you can even stay dry without having to huddle inside your vehicle.

Thanks to the Smittybilt 2738 roof top tent I am well on my way to becoming an “experienced” camper. I can enjoy all of the advantages of “ being out under the stars”, without worrying about what might be trying to share my sleeping bag with me. If you are adamant that you will never enjoy camping then you have never tried it with this great roof top tent.