What’s the Deal with Undetectable Radar Detectors?

There is a veritable technological warfare out there between radar detector owners and the police. In the states where radar detectors are banned, the police are counterattacking by getting radar detector detectors that, as the name indicates, have as their main role to detect the presence of radar detectors inside a vehicle. As a result, manufacturers have started to come up with new ideas on the design of their gadgets. Now, there are some models that are marketed as undetectable radar detectors.

How undetectable are they really? This is a totally legit question, but, unfortunately, not one with a straightforward answer. Although there are companies that make pretty good radar detectors, by my knowledge, the police are not losing time, either. This means that every new model of undetectable radar detector drags after it an upgrade in the technology used by the police. So, unless you buy a brand new model, you may not be able to count on its ability to remain stealth when there is an RDD (radar detector detector) nearby. Buying an older model can totally compromise you and you may get a fine if you have one of these in a state where radar detectors are illegal.


Still, this is not a warranty that what you get is totally undetectable. A new model is many times too new to have reviews from users or to have been tested enough. Basically, it is difficult to vouch that you can count on one of these to help you with your speeding. If you are discovered by the police, things will not look nice and you may have to pay quite a hefty fine for having it installed inside the car.


So, it may not be the greatest idea to use a radar detector in a state where this type of gadget is illegal, as it may put you at odds with the police. I honestly think that you should focus more on getting a radar detector that works than on getting one that is supposedly undetectable. Here are some important points to keep in mind when you are shopping for a radar detector.

First, consult the legislation in your state to see if there are no issues with using one of these here. Second of all, check the available models on the market. There are plenty of them and you will surely find one that is exactly to your liking. Another recommendation is to stick to the brands that have already gathered plenty of popularity with car drivers because their products have been used on many occasions with great success. Do not forget that undetectable radar detectors may get you into trouble, whether because they may not be able to work as intended, or because the police are already up to date and capable of counter-attacking the technology employed on these devices.